Planning the work and working the plan usually involves planning for the unexpected, and working in the flexibility to achieve the goals of the shoot while allowing for all the variables that play out during production. Never more true than when working with animals, as in our recently project for BioBlu. Two days on a working dairy farm, with hundreds of cows, completing an extensive shot-list to introduce dairy farms to a new product for hoof disease prevention. Heller Farms outside in Alma Center WI were a very accommodating to us as we climbed over gates, spooked cows, flew drones, and inserted ourselves into all aspects of dairy life. The result is several videos that introduce and demo


We recently completed a project for a young professional group called NEWaukee that followed the development, progress, and launch of their YPWeek initiative. We worked with groups of young professional organizers in five Wisconsin cities over three months to document and present YPWeek as a leading initiative for employers seeking to attract and retain young talent in Wisconsin.

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